Episode #1: India Arie – Finding an Authentic Voice

When Grammy-Award winning, singer-songwriter India Arie lost all self-confidence, she had to disappear from public for four years. In this episode she takes us inside that journey of self-questioning, talking openly to Robin about the serious breakdown that lead to a breakthrough, allowing her to discover her authentic self. In the telling, she brings music, laughter, and profound insights into what matters in all of our lives. And she gives the gift of an original song to the podcast.

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Episode #2: Delilah – Hard Times as Blessings

50,000 callers try to reach Delilah’s radio show each night, desperate to share their problems. In this moving and frank episode, Delilah reveals to Robin why she takes heavy doses of her own advice, having wrestled with her fair share of ghosts and demons—dysfunctional parents and marriages gone wrong—all of it teaching invaluable lessons on how to create a joyful, blessed life.

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Episode #3: Giada De Laurentiis – Recipe for Recovery

The Food Network superstar is the epitome of glamour, and seems like she’s got it all. But in this deeply personal conversation with Robin, Giada De Laurentiis confesses that she grew up speaking little English, feeling like an outsider and terribly insecure. Find out how that profoundly affected her life, and why the terrible heartache surrounding death and divorce helped her create a recipe for recovery. And, of course, it’s Giada—so there’s lots of delicious food talk to make you hungry!

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Episode #4: Magic And Cookie Johnson—The Magic Of Love

How do you keep love alive, when everything seems to be conspiring against it? It took a long time for NBA superstar Magic Johnson, and his wife Cookie, to commit to their love. And just when they did, Magic shocked the world, announcing he had contracted H.I.V. But until now, nobody knew what Cookie had to endure. Nor how their unconditional love was put to the test when their son declared he was gay. In this episode, the real story of how Magic and Cookie’s deep and abiding love continues to grow in the face of every challenge.

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Episode #5: Tig Notaro – Healing with Humor

Nothing’s funny about cancer, until you hear standup comic Tig Notaro talk about her own experience with breast cancer. But it’s not all laughs, and the serious truths she tells are incredibly life-affirming. In this episode, she and Robin uncover how much they have in common (both went through cancer, lost their mothers while recovering, grew up in the same town, and are in loving, gay relationships) while discovering that their greatest challenges have given each of them unexpected strength and love.

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Episode #6: Tony Robbins / Wounded Warriors – Winning in Life

How do you find your inner strength? In this special episode, Tony Robbins—the man considered the ultimate motivator, counseling everyone from Oprah to Bill Clinton—opens up to Robin about what motivated him to become arguably the most famous life coach: a horrifically abusive childhood. Find out how this experience informed his life, leading Tony Robbins to help others replace self-doubt with self-fulfillment. Then Robin takes the podcast out of the studio to meet two members of the U.S. Military who exemplify the courage it takes to be the best you can be. Both amputees, they share the emotional journey of becoming stronger than ever as a result of their losses, preparing to participate in the Invictus Games for wounded warriors.

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Episode #7: Dan Harris and Amy Robach – Going Public

It’s not always easy to share your “something,” whatever that may be. But try doing it on TV before an audience of…millions! Just like Robin, Amy Robach and Dan Harris both went public with very personal struggles. Amy discovered she had breast cancer after taking a mammogram on GMA to encourage early detection. Dan had a panic attack on air, the result of heightened anxiety kicked in by drugs he was taking to self-medicate. The two anchors join Robin for an intimate, honest, and even highly entertaining talk about the difficulties and gifts of publicly sharing their stories. Inside their journeys are valuable teachings for all about finding our greatest strengths—and the love that surrounds us—when we are feeling most vulnerable.​

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